Karli is a current graduate student at Westminster University studying Elementary Education in hopes of becoming a kindergarten teacher.  She graduated from the University of Utah in Early Childhood Education in May 2013.  She loves Utah football, shopping at boutiques, and singing Taylor Swift at the top of her lungs.



Meghan is in her third year at the University of Utah studying marketing. Her favorites are baking, socializing, red lipstick, and New Girl. She is always up for a new adventure and loves bringing people together.



Emily is currently in her second year of college studying business management. She graduated from Paul Mitchell the School and works in a salon. She loves crafting, entertaining, sewing, and cooking.

Emily and Meghan are sisters from Green River, Wyoming, and Karli is from Murray, Utah. Meghan met Karli at the University of Utah her freshman year and the two became best friends. Meghan introduced Karli to Emily and a few years later, Something Splendid was born. The three love Utah football, movies, game nights, throwing parties for friends, disney, and crafts. They hope to bring a little simplicity as well as fun to everyone’s lives.


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