Tips and Tricks for Using Tape for Nail Art

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I’ve seen many people use tape when doing stripes on their nails and I decided to give it a try and see how well it really works!


For this nail design I used Wall Street Pink by NYC (234). I found it at Target for $1.97!

I also used Tribeca Silver (292) by NYC, also at Target for $1.97.

The white stripes and top coat I used the same polish as I used for the let it snow nail art.  The white is a Sally Hansen White on and the top coat is inm’s Out the Door top coat for nails.

How To Use Tape:
1. Paint your whole nail the white color and let it dry. I put a top coat over the white as well and let it dry for several hours.

2. Cut tiny strips of tape and place on your nail where you want the stripes.

3. Paint over the whole nail silver and let it dry.

4. Take off the tape and paint a clear coat over the whole nail.

5. I used a pink sharpie to draw a heart on the top stripe to add a cute accent and tie in every nail together.

Now for some tips and tricks I learned:

Tip #1: Make sure the tape sticks everywhere, including the edge of your finger or the silver could get underneath. If this happens use a Q tip and wipe it off quickly and it disappears.

Tip #2: Don’t pull off the tape too fast! One of my sections of white completely came off when I pulled too fast and I had to then repainted that tiny section white again.

Tip #3: The way you cut the tape will be the size of the other color. I made my white stripes bigger, but if you want smaller just cut your tape to be in smaller strips.

Hopefully this tips and tricks help you get stripes that are simple and easy to do! If you try it and have any other tips and tricks feel free to comment! I would love to hear more ideas!


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