1920’s Party

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What’s not to love about the 20’s? The attire, the decorations, the dancing, really just everything. We recently hosted a 20’s party that turned out better then we could have hoped and was very inexpensive.

Most of the props came from the dollar store or were items around the house we already had. When people walked into the party we had these signs taped all over the door and walls. This print out can be found here.


The food table is an essential role to every party because that’s where guests spend a majority of their time. For the sign I bought a white foam board from Walmart and painted it with black chalkboard paint which is around $2-4 per bottle. The doilies I bought from Michaels and used a 50% off coupon which made the entire pack $1.50. For the food we served a cheese ball and crackers, artichoke dip, cookies, rice krispie treats and cake. The recipe we used for this amazing artichoke dip can be found here


We had another table off to the side for sparkling cider which we poured into martini glasses we bought from the dollar store. The sign in the frame can be found here. My favorite prop of the night, which was a huge hit, was the candy cigarettes shown below. I purchased them on amazon and they came in a box with 24 packs.


For the entertainment we had a game of poker going and another table set up for cards. We also had The Great Gatsby Soundtrack playing in the background along with some space for dancing.

poker table

Our party turned out extremely successful and was fairly easy to throw together. We highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun party theme.


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