M&M coupons you won’t want to miss!

m&m's pic

I just came across this deal and it was to good not to share.

M&M’s are a great contribution to all the holiday parties and a good stocking stuffer!

All you have to do is copy and paste this website into your browser http://mars.socialtwist.com/baking/ then fill in your email and first name. The catch is you have to share it on your facebook wall or in your twitter feed, but I shared it then immediately deleted it so it didn’t show. Then you can claim your coupon and print it twice! Great deal especially for Christmas!! These coupons are good for $2.50 off 150z size bags or larger and it works at any store since it’s a manufactures coupon.

But wait here’s an even better deal that makes these cheaper then ever! If you live near a target copy and paste this link http://coupons.target.com/printable-coupon/bberfc?ref=search into your browser and get an additional $1.50 off 2 bags which makes each big bag under $1.00!


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