Holiday Nails

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As you can probably tell, we love nails around here. Especially all the fun nails you can do based on the holiday. I have already changed mine multiple times and I know I wont have enough days to do all that I want. This design was soo easy though and did not take very much time which is perfect since there never seems to be enough time during the day.


First, I always use a base coat. For me this is what helps my nails last and not chip. It also provides a nice smooth canvas on the nail.

Then I painted the first coat using my favorite white nail polish, OPI’s Alpine Snow. I love this color, it goes on smoothly and I only have to do one coat.

I let this color dry and then I used OPI’s Fresh Frog of Bel Air. I am not sure if they make it anymore because it was part of the muppet line, but any green glitter polish will work. I painted a light blob on the bottom of my nail. It doesn’t need to look perfect and it is hard to mess up because you want them to all look a little different. I brought a small line of the glitter up my nail to add a little more glitter.


After the green, I used China Glaze Pure Joy red and gold glitter polish. I know it would be a lot easier to use a red/green mix but this was all I had and I love the way it turned out.


As we mentioned in the Let it Snow Nails the top coat is so important. Top coats work differently for each person, but my personal favorite is OPI clear top coat. It dries quickly and sets my nail so well.


My last tip for you guys is drying your nails. I have tried so many products and I end up wasting a lot of money. While Essie’s drying drops are awesome, I go through that little bottle way too fast. My easiest trick is to fill a bowl with cold water and ice and hold your nails in there for as long as you can handle. It hardens the polish quickly. Let your hands air dry when done. Another trick is to wait 10 or so minutes and spray with cooking spray, sounds weird but it works wonders. Both of those trick have worked great for me and unless I find an easier method, I will stick with them.


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