Christmas Wreath

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How is it already December 9th? Time passes by so quickly. By now most everyone has their Christmas tree trimmed, their mantles decorated, and their baking list started, but what about your front door? I have seen some of the cutest porches decorated for the holidays. I have also seen some doors empty, but I can help you fix that!

This wreath was super simple, took less than an hour, and costs less than $6.00. Wreaths just add so much to a place. Our little apartment is so welcoming with this simple little thing and makes me smile every time I see it.

-Wreath Form (I used a wreath form that I had lying around, so any size will work)
-Red Yarn
-White Yarn
-Embellishment Picks (I got mine from Michaels for .50 cents each)
-Fun Ribbon (also purchased form Michaels f0r 70% off)

All I did was wrap yarn around the wreath alternating colors and glue the embellishments on. Thats it! So easy. Plus you can customize this to your holiday decor colors.


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