White Elephant Ultimate Gift Exchange Gameplay


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Every holiday season I go to multiple parties that involve the white elephant gift exchange.  Every party it is the same old way to play and after awhile everyone becomes uninterested in the activity.  If you are planning a party this year below are some ideas to make your white elephant gift exchange fun and memorable.

  • Don’t unwrap the gifts until the very end.  This speeds up the game and adds an element of mystery.
  • Mark the gifts as gender appropriate – male, female, unisex
  • Cards with instructions can be drawn before each players turn to create a unique experience.  The instruction can say things such as:

– “Player may choose to open 2 presents and choose which to keep.”

– “Player may use this card as a way to not have their gift stolen.”

– “Trade gifts with someone wearing red or green.”

  • Experiment with Stealing:

– an item stolen 3 times is frozen and cannot be stolen anymore

– a person can only be stolen from 3 times


3 thoughts on “White Elephant Ultimate Gift Exchange Gameplay

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