White Elephant Gift Ideas

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Christmas parties are one of the most fun parts of the season. My heart always drops a little when I see “please bring a white elephant gift”.  I never know what to bring! Should I be serious? Should it be useful? If I bring something funny, will others think it is funny?

Now that we have a great list of what to do for the white elephant game, here is a list of easy white elephant gifts that are sure to be a hit.

Smore’s are always a favorite. Whether it be with a crowd or by yourself, there is no need to wait until summer anymore.
Microwavable Smore’s Maker


Everyone deserves a little extra love
Boyfriend Pillow


Who doesn’t like to experience new and unusual food, this canned unicorn meat is sure to be a hit.
Canned Unicorn Meat


It would not be Christmas without this iconic lamp making an appearance somewhere.

Leg Lamp Nightlight 


You can never be too prepared when a zombie apocalypse might strike
Zombie Ammo Can

A color changing christmas mug 


Are there bad parkers in your life? Now you can tell them exactly what you think


Breakfast is the most important and often most skipped meal of the day, help someone out with a new omelet maker


Have you ever wanted to change your hair color for a day? With this hair chalk you can.


Has anyone you know ever wanted to be a magician? Help their dream come true

Magic Ball


Here you have 10 items that I am sure anyone would enjoy! White Elephant gift exchanges make a great addition to any holiday party!

Update: The links are not working right now, but all products are searchable on amazon with the exception of the parking post it notes, which are found on etsy.


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