Ultimate Werewolf

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Do you ever run out of fun group games, or have too many people for the games you do have? One of our favorite games when we have friends over is Werewolf. This is the perfect game to play with large or few numbers and requires very few supplies.

Werewolf, which is similar to Mafia, has many versions, but of course I think ours is great because there are parts for everyone that really mix up the game.

In a game including 10 people here is how we split up the characters:

1 Narrator

3 Werewolves

2 Townspeople

1 Witch

1 Cupid

1 Hunter

1 Peeker (optional)

You can even add additional townspeople so that it makes it harder to guess the roles.

First: Tear up pieces of paper with the characters written on them. Place them in a hat or a cup and have everyone draw their roles.

Here’s how it’s played:

The game begins with a night phase. The narrator will tell everyone to go to sleep.

First and only in the first round Cupid will be told to open his or her eyes. He or she will then be told to pick one other person to fall in love with. The narrator will tap that person, then they will make contact and from then on they will partner up and protect each other. It doesn’t matter what the other person’s role is he/she will act in both roles, if both Cupids are alive at the end, they win the game, and if one dies during the game they both die. After they know who they are they are told to go back to sleep.

Second the werewolves will be told to open their eyes and make contact with each other. They will then silently choose one person they would like to kill off. After they have selected who dies they will go back to sleep.

Third the witch will be told to wake up. The witch has 2 potions during the game he or she can use. The first is to kill someone and the second is to save someone. The witch will be shown by the narrator who the werewolves selected to kill. If he/she chooses to save that person then they will give a thumbs up. If not they will give a thumb in the middle. Then they will choose if they want to kill someone, if they choose to they will point to that person and give a thumbs down. The witch can space out which potions he or she uses in each round but each of these potions can only be used once during the entire game.

While everyone’s eyes are still closed the narrator will then tap the person who was killed or in the case that someone was saved the narrator will just tell everyone to open their eyes. Everyone will then debate on who they believe is a werewolf and vote to kill someone off. After the person has been killed they will reveal who they are and the game will repeat minus the cupids waking up.

The hunter’s role comes into play if he/she is killed at any time during the game. If they are killed they get to choose one other person to die with them, it can be any other remaining player.

The peeker can peek at the time when the werewolves open their eyes. The only catch is if the werewolves see the peeker then they can point to him or her and the peeker will automatically die.

I hope you enjoy the game! It’s a really fun variation and a great way to mix things up!


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