Felt Christmas Tree

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Are you tired of felt yet? I do not think I will ever be. I am sure many of you have seen felt Christmas trees for kids pop up all over the place on pinterest. I pinned one last year about a week before Christmas and decided it was too late to make, but it was in the back of my mind all year. Finally, November rolled around and I could not wait any longer to make it.


All I did for this project was get a yard and a half of green felt and cut out a tree shape. I then sewed/glued buttons on to hang the ornaments. To stabilize the tree I put three wooden dowels through the back so they can slide in and out for easy storage.


The ornaments I hand sewed and decorated. I wanted them to be unique and fun and cute. They took the longest but it was so worth it.


This project totaled less than $10.00 and I can foresee it getting many hours of play throughout the years.


3 thoughts on “Felt Christmas Tree

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