Bridal Shower Ideas

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My friend Jessica is getting married later this month and I couldn’t be more excited for her!  We’ve been friends since 4th grade and her fiancé is a great catch.  I teamed up with my friend Kelsey to throw her a bridal shower she wouldn’t forget!


Decorations can set the mood for your party and make your guests (and bride to be) feel as if this is not a normal social gathering, but a real celebration! 

Simple and cheap is the way to go as a college student!

We started with her colors, which were red, blue, and silver.  We bought balloons from Zurchers and taped them to my ceiling and hung pictures of the bride and groom from the balloon strings.  It was a fun, easy, and cheap way to place the bride on display.  Who doesn’t love seeing pictures of the cute engaged couple?!


We bought red and white flowers and placed them in mason jars which we had spray-painted red and lined with white lace.  Around the flower jars we laid out silver flower petals that can be found at many craft stores.


I made a banner that said “Miss to Mrs” and hung it above the food table.  It was simple and easy and I used my favorite font, “pea noodle’s girlfriend”.


At the front table we had another spray-painted mason jar with Popsicle sticks for people to write date ideas for the couple.


With the invitation we also included an insert telling guests to bring a picture of them and the bride to be.  We then created a memory book as a gift for Jessica to always have filled with memories from her friends.


Guests were also able to take a nail polish as a party favor.  I bought the Target NYC brand nail polish for .97 cents.


The final activity included a movie Kelsey made of the groom answering questions about Jessica.  We would listen to Kelsey ask the question and then pause the DVD while we waited to hear what Jessica would say was the answer.  Once Jessica gave us her answer we would press play and see if Jordan answered correctly.  Everyone got into it and Jessica loved seeing what Jordan’s answers were.

The shower turned out wonderful and we all had a great time.  I’m excited for you Jessica and can’t wait to see you on your wedding day!  You’ll make a lovely bride!



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